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 As a little girl growing up in East Africa, Wales and then Canada, nature’s vibrant colours have always surrounded Munira, as have various performing and visual artists.  The idea to take up watercolour painting started as a hobby and the fascination with colours and watercolor medium has become a life long passion. Munira finds the transparent nature of the watercolor medium reflects life’s imperfections and nature’s surrounding grace, beauty and vibrancy of colour truly reflect God’s perfection.  Her inspirations come from everyday life’s struggles and imperfections and painting takes her to a place that allows her to rejuvenate her spirit.  Munira utilizes and combines multiple watercolour techniques in her work. One constant (in true watercolour fashion) is she never uses any white paint. The only white seen in her paintings is always the actual white of the paper.

Munira studied Watercolors during evening classes at Fort McMurray’s community college.  She has also taken several workshops with well renowned Watercolor Artists such as Carol Breen, Ray Cattel, Linda Kemp, Brent Laycock and Tim Packer.

Her artwork has been submitted for open juried exhibition with the Canadian Society of Watercolor Painters and her works are included in variety of private collections throughout Canada.

When she is not painting, Munira plays bridge; is a member of a socially engaged women's group which volunteers for many organizations in Fort McMurray.  She strongly believes that parents play an important and pivotal role in children’s education.


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